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I used to be a dental technician with a very loud radio.
Saturday night was my favorite night of the week,
during my visit at the discos I was fascinated by the DJs and their magical non stop mixing of vinyl records.
After a long but fruitful discussion with my parents I gave up my job in the dental laboratorium and started to work in a record shop, Finally, I arrived in the eye off the storm.
I stopped dancing and started to DJ, it felt like coming home.
It took me 2 years to open up my own record label and shop, Basic Beat Records.
The first record we released became a huge hit, a sweet taste it is.
I bought myself an Atari computer and found my way around in the studio, I learned how to produce records and discovered the nobel art of songwriting.
Some examples of my work from this time can be found under the name Flat Earth Society and Booming Support.

Dance music, or House Music as we called it, became hugely popular and I became resident DJ in one of Hollands leading clubs, Nighttown.
House music exploded, I was on the move, the party became bigger and bigger, Sensation, Dancevalley, Barcelona, Ibiza, New York, and more, much more, been there, done that, good times!
The musical rollercoaster ride keeps providing and next stops were a radio show called Rave Radio with Adam Curry on Veronica FM, DJ mix CD’ s like House Party and 3 Dj’ s in a BOX, creating lots of remixes, and producing records for other artist such as Jan Akkerman and Michiel Borstlap.
I was voted best DJ of the Netherlands and scored two hit records with the band Soulvation which I formed with Jeroen Rietbergen.Today this musical enterprise consist of Erland Galjaard and myself and we keep pushing for more.
Together with friends I started the company called Verse Geesten, we sold creativity in all sizes and forms
This company was renamed Unlock the zoo and Robbert Meulenveld became my partner in this venture.
Up until today this is my non music based creativity outlet, it keeps me in balance.
I was a founding member of the groundbreaking project Symphony 31, DJ meets Orchestra, a massive undertaking with a hugely big smile on my face as a result. During this project I was responsible for the music and creative part of the event.
I love to talk about music, a feature that led me to be judge member in the TV program Het Beste orkest van NL, which led me to become a jury member of the Idols family, the talent show.
I was invited to provide my feedback on daily matters in the TV show RTL BLVD which I did for 3 years in a row.
The media company TALPA asked me to become one of the members of Shownieuws at SBS6 and with great pride I said yes to this new adventure.

I’ m currently producing new material in the studio for the project Soulvation and for myself and keep expanding my horizon.
Slave to the rhythm, in love with progress, thats me!